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What Equipment Do Professional House Cleaning Companies Use

All professional house cleaners know that they should have the right supplies and equipments for them to do a perfect job. Again, if you’re going to hire a house cleaning company to clean your house, it’s important that you know the right equipment the company should use. Especially if the company does specialise only in eco green cleaning supplies . That’s why we decided to give you a short list of some of the most essential equipment that any professional house cleaning company must have. Check them out!

Dish sponges and microfibre cloths

Any professional house cleaning company will have dish sponges and microfibre cloths as its essential component of their cleaning arsenal. As a cleaner, you can use them to clean up surfaces. When you have a heavy scrubbing job at hand, you can always use dish sponges. When cleaning surfaces that require more gentle attention, then professional cleaners will use damped cloths, which they also use when doing final post-clean wipe down.

When using microfibre cloths, you’ll find that a cleaner will use them with a little water and in that way, they’ll be able to wipe all the dirt particles away including the very smallest ones – thanks to their tiny polyester and nylon fibres. For more eco green friendly cleaners some may choose to use very bio-degradable paper towels. This way you can ensure that the dirt is disposed along with the towel when it’s thrown out.


Professional house cleaners use commercial vacuums to work on almost all the surfaces of your floor. Vacuums work well on soft as well as hard surfaces. Cleaners use vacuums on various surfaces such as floor, carpets and upholstery. As a cleaner, you have to make sure that the beater bar of your vacuum is set for the correct surface that you’re supposed to work on. You can use attachments for upholstery as well as hard to reach and tight space which are particularly useful for cleaners to get up right into the untouched corners of the house.

Rubber gloves

Professional house cleaning companies observe cleaning safety measures. For that reason, you’ll find that their cleaners use rubber gloves to protect their hands when cleaning. Some may even use sanitised disposable rubber gloves. It’s not wise to clean using acid based cleaners without protecting your hands. Again, you should wear rubber gloves every time you’re cleaning if you suffer from skin sensitivity. Especially if you are a family that is very sensitive to chemicals then eco-friendly cleaners will use eco-green products that are free of harsh chemicals which will leave your house still feeling freshly clean and sanitised without the toxins of chemicals released into the home.

Extendible duster

Extendible duster is one of the most essential equipment that professional house cleaners use because it enables them to reach the top of your ceiling fans. Therefore, you don’t have to be tall for you to be a house cleaner as house cleaners not only need to ensure your house is clean but they need to ensure that they do it at a quick pace as well. As time is money.

Toilet brush

To clean your toilet, professional home cleaners use commercial toilet brushes. These brushes are commercial grade and are more durable to ensure your toilet bowl has a sparkle afterwards.


If you hire professional house cleaning companies, they’ll use special buckets with compartments when cleaning your floors instead of filling your sink. This makes it much easier for them to do the cleaning. As they can fill one compartment with cleaning supply and the other as a rinse.


Another important equipment that professional house cleaners use is a squeegee, a scraping implement that has a rubber-edged blade that is set on a handle. In most cases, they’ll use this equipment to clean your windows. There are squeegee’s of all different kinds but commercial grade squeegees are longer and glide much easier ensuring that there are no streaks left on your window.

Grout brush

Grout brush is an important piece of equipment that house cleaners use. These narrow brushes help them to free grout lines of debris and mold.

Microfibre mop

With this tool, cleaners are able to handle many hard surface flooring catching all the dirt but ensuring there are no hard particles trapped in the mop that can scratch the surface.

With the above list of equipment that professional house cleaners use, you can always check whether that house cleaner company you’re about to hire has them.

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